About Me

Meet Heidi


Raised in the wilds of Northern Michigan before transplanting deep in the heart of Texas, Heidi Chandler is a former teacher following the literary aspirations of her six-year-old self. Her current projects include two thriller/suspense novels that will hopefully find their way to a bookstore near you very soon! When she's not writing, she loves college sports, (especially her Michigan State Spartans ), running with her rescue dog Chayo, eating tacos, and hanging out with her two sons, Carter and Preston.

Holding Avery: A Memoir


In the tradition of The Year of Magical Thinking and The Glass Castle, the award-winning memoir Holding Avery is currently available on Amazon as well as at Barnes & Noble, Powell's, and other major booksellers nationwide. Unable to find Holding Avery at your local bookstore? Ask them to order it for you!

Freelance Work


Heidi Chandler's freelance work has appeared in The New York Times, Sharing Magazine, The Mommyhood Project, Scary Mommy, Faithit, and Through the Heart. (Click on the above links for more.) Interested in having Heidi write for your publication? Contact her here.