Hey, Stranger!


I used to be really good about writing blog posts. If you’ve come here at all in the past year, you’ll see that’s no longer true. I’ve had a few people remark on my lack of posting, assuming I’ve given up on the whole writing thing. It’s not that I’ve quit writing; I’m actually writing a heck of a lot more – just not blog posts. Instead of sharing stories about my life and my boys, I’ve been focused on my passion since the first grade: writing fiction. Here’s a brief update on what’s been going on in my world.

I’m blessed with a lovely agent over on the East Coast who’s been working tirelessly to find a happy home for my debut thriller, tentatively titled THE DREAMING TREE. I call the plot “THE LOVELY BONES meets mid-life crisis.” So far I’ve gotten lots of nice feedback but no bites, but, thanks to the kindness of an awesome editor who gave me some really, really valuable tips, I just finished a rewrite that will hopefully change the whole no bite thing! I’m proud of how this manuscript turned out. Fingers crossed, y’all will be able to read it in the near future.

I also just completed my final edit of novel number two, DEAD MAN’S HILL. (We’re not pushing it to publishers until we figure out what’s going to happen with novel number one.) If you’re from Michigan, that name might sound familiar to you. The story takes place in a fictional northern Michigan town situated at the base of that hill. This one I call “THE SILENT WIFE meets THE SHINING meets The Blair Witch.” It’s spoooooky.

Finally, I’m almost through with the first draft of another thriller, tentatively titled THE FORGOTTEN SECRET. It’s too early to tell, but I think this one might actually be my favorite of the three. Publishing is a wacky industry that’s known for crushing dreams, but here’s to hoping all three make it on the shelves some day!

And on a personal note, my boys are still crazy, I still spend my mornings running with my awesome dog, and tacos are my kryptonite. Life is good!