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Date: 07/04/2014

Contact: Heidi Chandler, 214-529-2045,

Media review copies, high-resolution photographs and interviews available upon request.

Author Pens Emotional Memoir on Stillbirth

Heidi Chandler’s debut memoir is a raw exploration of life after loss.

Plano, TX – Author Heidi Chandler’s new memoir Holding Avery (MP Publishing 2014) gives readers an honest look into the private pain of stillbirth.

When Heidi and her husband decide it’s finally time to start a family, everything goes as planned.  Heidi, a teacher, needs a summer baby, and her baby girl is set to arrive mid-July.  She experiences almost no morning sickness, no disruption to her routine.  Her growing baby is not just healthy – she is perfect.  That all changes the night of June 30th, just weeks before baby Avery’s due date, when Heidi’s water breaks. It soon becomes very apparent something less than perfect has occurred.

Holding Avery is a raw exploration of life after the loss of a child.  The memoir makes Ms. Chandler’s incredibly private pain something universal, an assurance that in the face of loss, the only thing to do is move forward.

“Loss is such a big part of life,” says Chandler. “Holding Avery is a story about love and loss, two things every human being can relate to.  But it’s also a story of resilience, about finding your way through darkness when it seems like there’s no way out.”

Chandler recently donated copies of her book to Texas Health Resources to help bereaved parents.  “I received an email from a reader saying she wished the hospital had given her a copy of my book when she lost her daughter,” says Chandler.  “It’s so rewarding to think that my story can help others.”

Chandler grew up in Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University.  She and her family have called North Texas home since 2009.

Holding Avery is available at Barnes and Noble stores throughout the Dallas metroplex and online at major booksellers.  Find out more at

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