I’ve been vacationing in The Great Lakes State with my family these past two weeks, and I am exhausted.  I hope to someday get around to writing a post about my trip, but in the meantime I’ll share one of my highlights.  As I mentioned in previous posts, it was incredible seeing my book on the shelves in Barnes & Noble.  But something else equally incredible was returning to my hometown bookstore and seeing the display for my book! When I stopped into Saturn Booksellers in the beautiful town of Gaylord, Michigan, to sign copies of Holding Avery, I was both overwhelmed and humbled. Gaylord is my hometown, and, even though I haven’t lived there in twenty years, that little town will always have a piece of my heart.   Stepping into the bookstore that Thursday afternoon confirmed that old cliche that there really is no place like home, even if it’s technically not home anymore.





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