Cover Me

Back when I taught high school journalism, my newspaper class produced a delightful little monthly newsmagazine, The Crystal.  While the content was important, there was always much ado about the cover – what was going to be on it, who was going to get to design it, etc., etc., etc.

To make a long story short, the cover was important.

When it comes to books, I’ve always felt that the cover is the window to a book’s soul, a visual representation of the magic held within those seemingly endless lightweight pages. 

And while I’d like to think I’m above judging a book by its cover, I’m pretty sure that over the years I’ve purchased at least fifty books based solely on looks.

When I first got my book deal with MP Publishing, it took me a while to process the idea that I was going to be a real, legitimately published author, with an actual book made out of paper that people buy and stuff.  I kept expecting the sky to fall, for a weapon of mass destruction to annihilate my dreams, blowing up my good fortune and leaving me sobbing in a corner.

We are currently less than two months away from the big release, and my dreams are still in tact. The reality of it all is finally starting to sink in, especially now that I have a cover.

A perfectly beautiful, amazingly stunning cover.

A cover that says so much without really saying anything at all.

A cover that I truly love.

HoldingAvery frontAnd, like I said earlier, I think that the cover is pretty important.

When Alison from MP sent this file over to me a few weeks ago, I was a little nervous to see it for the first time.  (Alison is phenomenal to work with, by the way.) But after I opened it, I immediately fell in love.

Finally, what has been surreal for so long is feeling real, and, I have to admit, it feels pretty good.

What also feels good is the little blurb about Holding Avery on my publisher’s website:

In the tradition of The Year of Magical Thinking and The Glass Castle comes Heidi Chandler’s memoir Holding Avery.

Now that’s some pretty incredible company to have at a dinner party.

Holding Avery will be released May 13, but it’s also available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, and An Independent Bookstore.